Top 5 Skiing & Snowboarding Food Supplements

Top 5 Skiing & Snowboarding Food Supplements

Supplements for skiing and snowboarding "To Turbo Charge Your Skiing Performance"

So just like any form of exercise, Skiing requires your body to be at its optimum to perform well on the slopes.  It's clear that you should be trying to improve your fitness if you want to improve your overall technique, this way you can last longer,  push harder and being fit and healthy reduces the overall risk of injury. If this interests you make sure you check out our other blog on “Skiing exercises you can do at home”.

Now, there are plenty of food and diet supplements that can enhance your performance to be at your best.  These have been used in many forms of sports for years. So if you are a beginner slowly negotiating your way down your first blue, or a professional who wants that edge as you carve down the slalom, or the fearless heli skier blasting down the off piste, we at team HOP have you covered, as we have chosen our top 5!



pre workout supplement

Ok, so some of you are probably familiar with caffeine, be it your favorite energy drink or cup of coffee with breakfast. These can all help with cognitive alertness, but there are far more benefits than just waking you up in the morning from this superfood. Its benefits in sport can be highly advantageous.  It has been clinically proven that caffeine at a dose of 300mg suppresses fatigue and improves power output, but did you know it can also increase testosterone in males and overall endurance?  So if you have an all day session planned then look no further than a caffeinated beverage.  If you are training for the slopes, hitting up the gym or just need that kick halfway through the day then pick up some Pre-workout.  Pre-workouts often contain much more caffeine than energy drinks or coffee and contain vitamins and minerals. These include a range of B vitamins, Creatine (see below) and other energy releasing chemicals.  These food supplements come in a variety of different forms and flavours and are usually more powerful and beneficial than a cheap energy drink. 


creatine supplement skiing

Creatine is a substance that is found naturally in muscle cells. It helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting or high-intensity exercise.  The advantage of supplementing with this, following extensive research is that it allows athletes to produce more power and lift more weight. This again is a crucial ingredient in a bodybuilders arsenal but plays its part in any athletes supplement regime.  A skier or boarder can benefit greatly from this food supplement when doing any form of explosive and intense work in the gym. Think leg press, squats or deadlift, so when preparing for your next season away, reep the rewards when powering down the off-piste or destroying the snowpark by supplementing with this superfood into your diet.  Creatine takes time to build up in the body, so you won't see the effects immediately but after a few weeks, you should notice huge gains in leg strength when paired with a well rounded workout routine. 

Whey Protein

whey protein supplement

One of the most researched  supplements on the market today.  So you may picture in your head the posters of bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger drinking six raw eggs just to get their protein fix. Well those days have long gone. Protein can be found in every supermarket across the world and comes in a variety of forms from pre-made shakes to powder form that can be added to milk or water.  There has been extensive research into how whey protein impacts the body and it  has been proven to aid in muscle growth and recovery times in athletes. Supplementing with protein shakes can hugely benefit even a beginner skier all the way to pro levels. So by speeding the recovery of your beaten up legs after hard days work on the slopes, you will be able to push yourself harder and recover faster.  The average recommendation for an adult male is 56 grams per day, so try and reach those levels or more.



bcaa gym supplement protein

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) is an amino acid that is used by the body for processing protein and building that all important muscle. When used in conjunction with whey protein, which contains some of these amino acids, these can be a powerful source of nutrition for your body.  These are the building blocks for muscle growth, so when training your body for the next season these are highly recommended, they also come in a variety of enjoyable flavours and can give you that boost of energy on the slopes. Great for adding to your water bottle to give it a kick during that intensive day up in the mountains.


multivitamin skiing supplement

We get it, it's difficult trying to get the maximum amount of nutrition in your body. It's even harder when you are up in the mountains and may have missed a meal or not eating as healthy as you would like. Provide your body with everything you need with a good well rounded multivitamin. Look for something that contains Vitamin C and Vitamin D which are recognised for boosting the immune system. 

In Summary 

summary skiing supplement ski friends

So, now you know some of the top supplements to turbo charge your Skiing and Snowboarding.  The supplements listed are aimed at the fitness industry and should be incorporated into your usual workout plan but they can easily be slipped into your ski bag to give you that edge when you are  working hard in the mountains, and traveling to different resorts.   Let's not forget these need to be incorporated with a balanced  diet and of course lots of good quality sleep is key.  Happy Shredding.   

Disclaimer - The above is the author's opinion only and does not represent the opinion of HOP. Any form of supplementation should be first discussed with a medical practitioner. Supplements are just that, supplements and should be balanced with a well rounded diet. We at team HOP love our supplements but we love good food too!